14U Vibe: Dayton Ohio, President’s Cup 2012

Dayton Ohio – President’s Cup 2012
14 National Level – Volleyball Tournament
26 Teams – 4 Courts – 7 Matches

This past weekend the Durham Attack U14 Vibe ladies team made the 8 hour trip (drive) to Wright State University to participate in their invitational tournament. It is a known fact that the Cincinnati area has been a hotbed for volleyball for years, producing top level national players who earn scholarships to some of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

Volleyball, like many other team sports, is a game of athleticism, timing, quickness, strength and anticipation, to name a few key elements. When players are motivated, there are three things that combine for a compelling combination; SKILL, PHYSICAL SIZE & GOOD COACHING.

In this tournament the nets were higher, the players taller & stronger, and the skill and coaching levels were very high. Now let’s factor in the demographics of a talent pool over 10 times the size of the Canadian market and a national sports culture that pours literally billions of public and private sector dollars into amateur sports development, you now have the recipe for near sports perfect.

In the President’s Cup 2012 the Vibe ladies faced competition and pressure unlike anything they faced previously this season. Each match that was won showed them glimpses of their true potential, each match that was lost added fuel to the burning fire of desire to be better.

If iron truly sharpens iron then the Vibe ladies have come away from this tournament better and more determined to continue to work hard to improve their game both individually and as a team. The ladies have been exposed to cross-border international competition, and their eyes have been opened to a broad landscape of competition outside the confines of the OVA. They have seen and played against some of the top teams and players in their age group and have looked in the eyes of the same players they may compete with for future athletic scholarships.

The Vibe ladies are good; this tournament has made them better in ways they will continue to discover as they look forward to Provincials in April and Nationals in May.


One Response to “14U Vibe: Dayton Ohio, President’s Cup 2012”

  1. Great article and love the photo… yes the competition is strong down there and at 14U it is daunting, but also motivating. Within a few years these girls, if they set their sights on it, can contend and even win those tournaments. Its what our teams do.

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