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13U Girls Black Team Ends Their Season With Exciting Provincials Tournament

Posted in 2010 Girls 13U Black on May 4, 2010 by kprinzen

WOW, what an exciting weekend at Provincials in Waterloo on April 17th and 18th for the girls 13U Black team.  This was the first time these girls played in a 2 day tournament, their first sleepover in a hotel, and their first team dinner, all this and they finished in 9th place in the Province.


Here’s a summary of how the weekend went.   The first match was against Mavericks, we won both sets, dominating the first set, 25-9 and it was touch and go for the second one ending in a win, 25-18.  The second match was against Etobicoke, again we won both sets, but the second set was too close for comfort, 11-10 for Attack and then we pulled ahead to win 25-18.   The third match in our pool was against the Hurricanes, the girls won both games, a 25-13 win for the first set and 25-6 for the second.  The fourth game against Storm was too close, we started with the lead but they tied it up at 7-7, we took the lead, 16-11 but Storm kept fighting to tie it up at 21-21 and they took the lead at 24-21, we tied it up at 24-24, we took the lead 25-24 and again they tied it up 25-25, at 26-26 Storm went ahead and won 28-26, it was very exciting right down to the last point.  Storm dominated the second set and they won the match, 25-19.  The girls placed second in their pool.

Day two of the provincials, we played Toronto West in the crossover.  The first set we won, taking the lead and holding it to a 25-20 win.  The second set was another exciting game, Toronto West took the lead early, 11-4 and our girls played well but could never tie it up, they lost 25-23.  Next was the tiebreaker game, we had a tough loss, 15-11.

Now, we were out of the medal round.  The next match was to decide on 9th or 11th place.  We played North Bay for a friendly match, winning both sets to a ninth place finish.

What a tournament and a wonderful season of volleyball.  We had a lot of highs, some lows, great cheering and most of all we had fun and met great friends.


Girls 13u Black Team Wins Silver at Bugarski Cup

Posted in 2010 Girls 13U Black on March 24, 2010 by kprinzen

The DA-Black U13 Girls team played in the Bugarski Cup in Woodbridge on March 6, 2010 and they won the Silver medal.

The girls got off to a slow start against the Breakers but managed to pull through and won both games to win the match.  The second match was against the Mavericks and they won the match to win their pool.

The girls had a long break and had time to enjoy a delicious hot lunch thanks to Wendy and Jackie.  The girls moved to crossover and played DRVC.  It was a very close nail biting first set and the girls came out ahead to win 25-22.  In the second set DA Black dominated to win 25-12.

We moved on to play the final match for gold and faced the Markham Stingers.   The excitement was building and DA Black won the first set 25-22.  The second set was point by point with a tie at 15-15 and then the Stingers pulled ahead and they won 25-22 leading to a tie breaking set.  DA Black started out strong in the beginning taking an early lead 8-5 and then the Stingers tied it up 8-8 and they pulled ahead leading to a 15-11 loss for DA 13U Black.   DA 13U Black takes home the Silver medal.

Well done girls – congratulations on your Silver medal finish! Thank you to Tami and Roland for your commitment to helping our girls develop their skills and have fun.  Thanks to our parents for all their support and enthusiasm!


Girls 13U Black Team Wins Three Golds In A Row

Posted in 2010 Girls 13U Black on February 17, 2010 by kprinzen

The DA-Black U13 Girls team headed to Bowmanville on February 13, 2010 for their third tournament, the Challenge Cup, and brought home another gold making it three in a row.  Well done Durham Attack Black!  What a team and thanks again to their fantastic coaches, Roland and Tami for leading the way.

DA-Black entered the tournament as defending champions.  They played their first match against the Northumberland Breakers and won all of the sets.  They played consistently well throughout the match.

The second match was against the Scarborough Titans-Strike, again they came through winning all sets, finishing first place in their pool.

The first match of crossover, they played TEVC Spartans Lightning and won both sets to win the match.

The semi-finals, we faced Scarborough Titans Omicron for a high energy match.  Both sets were edge of seat excitement and again Durham Attack pulled ahead and won both to move on to the finals to decide who wins the gold.

For the finals, we faced our very own DA-Red team, we won both sets and it was great to see DA win gold and silver in this tournament.

Thanks to Patricia and Joanne, the girls enjoyed a delicious lunch and snacks throughout the day.

It was another fabulous day; we look forward to the next tournament on March 6, 2010.

Girls 13U Black Team Wins Gold Again at McGregor Cup

Posted in 2010 Girls 13U Black on January 26, 2010 by kprinzen

The Girls 13U Black team played their second tournament of the season, the McGregor Cup held at Sinclair High School in Whitby on January 23, 2010. It proved to be another very exciting day finishing in first place and bringing home the gold!

Thank you to the DA 14U boys team for hosting this tournament and making the day possible…great job!  It was well organized and had the best canteen ever, including sushi!

The girls got off to a slow start in their first set against DRVC and lost 20-25.  Attack came back to win the second set 25-20 and played an exciting tiebreaker and won 15-13 to win the match.

The second match was against the Maverick Rattlers.  The first set was another close game but in the end Attack won 25-22.  The second set, Attack dominated the game finished ahead 25-16 to win another match.

A very special thank you to Greg Armstrong for taking on the lead for our cheers. Thanks to him we all cheered loud and proud all day…..ATTACK BLACK, ATTACK BLACK, ATTACK BLACK!!!!

After the second match, the girls enjoyed a delicious lunch thanks to Sue Harris and Michelle Armstrong.  Thanks for all the snacks too throughout the day.

The third match was against Titans Strike, an easy win for DA winning 25-12 in the first set and 25-7 to take the match.

We won our pool, and moved on to crossover and played Akwesasne Soaring Eagles.  The girls momentum continued and they won both sets 25-7 and 25-13, WAY TO GO ATTACK!

In the semi finals we faced DA-Red for a very exciting match, DA Black won both sets with the same score each set of 25-18.

Now on to the finals for the Gold Medal round, we faced the Titans Omicron.  The first set was an unbelievably close game, the Titans pulled ahead and took the lead, the score was 20-24 for the Titans and then DA tied it up and won the game, 28-26.  Our lesson learned with this set was to never lose hope, Attack black came back!

The cheerleading continued and got louder and louder as we continued on to the second match.  Again an unbelievable set, point by point we were up, we were down and unfortunately DA came up short and we lost 23-25 leading to tiebreaker set to 15 points.

DA took the lead early in the tiebreaker with a score of 9-1 and to a win of 15-11.

Girls 13U Black wins the gold!  Way to go and congratulations to all the girls and to their coaches Roland and Tami…we are thankful for all you do.

DA 13U Girls Black Team Wins Gold at Provincial Cup

Posted in 2010 Girls 13U Black on December 14, 2009 by kprinzen

The DA Black 13U Girls team had a tremendous start to the season at the Provincial Cup in Stouffville on Saturday December 12. This was the girls first tournament and the results were exciting. They played very well as a team and everyone contributed to their success. It was hard work but the 13U Black team won the tournament and took home the gold medal! They won all five matches, playing consistent and strong all day.  Way to go Attack!

Their first game of the day was against the Scarborough Titan–Omicron, Attack started out slow, they were behind 8-12 and then they tied it up at 18-18 and took the lead at 21-20 to a win with a final score of 25-22.  They played well together as a team, calling the ball and talking to each other with a nice hit to end the game.  Game #2 against Scarborough Titan-Omicron was very tense, Attack was ahead 15-10 and then the Titans tied it up at 24-24.  The girls played like they have been playing together for a year, they had long rallies and good recoveries and won 26-24.  We moved on to play the Mavericks, the first game we started out slow with the Mavericks ahead 13-16 and then Attack tied it up at 21-21 to win the game 25-21.  The second game against the Mavericks we won 25-17 playing strong and steady throughout the game.  They won their pool play, undefeated.

Then moving on to crossover, we played the Breakers and won both games 25-13 and 25-14. The girls finally had a break to enjoy a delicious lunch thanks to Bev and Tami.

SEMI FINALS…..on to the semi-finals against DRVC-Orange, a very close game, point by point the team perserved and pulled ahead after 13-13 to a win of 25-18.  The second game they won 25-11.

Our final match for Gold ended up being a nail biter against the Stingers.  Attack won their first game 25-19, then they struggled in the second game and lost the game 25-11.  They moved on to the tie breaker game and had an exciting victory of 15-4, winning the Gold.  What an wonderful finish to a great day.

Congratulations to the girls and their coaches, Tami and Roland for an outstanding first tournament and for winning the GOLD!

Triple Ball Rant & Demonstrational Video

Posted in 2010 Boys 14U Black, 2010 Girls 13U Black, 2010 Girls 13U Red, General Team News on November 27, 2009 by DurhamAttack

I know there are mixed reactions to the introduction of Triple Ball in Ontario. As a member of the OVA committee responsible for 11-16U, that introduced Triple Ball, I have heard both sides of the coin from parents and coaches.  We are doing this to maximize the development of all of our younger athletes.  And I can tell you that some of my fellow committee members are amongst the most respected coaches in the country, with amazing track records at developing athletes.  I’m happy to provide just a Club and parent perspective on things.

Let’s face it – Canada is not yet a world volleyball power. And to change this we need, amongst other things, to improve our skills. As a parent who has gone through 14u seasons with two children, I’ve seen the development of our younger players hampered by their inability to do serve receive at a young age. It is a difficult skill that takes a few years to develop. Looking at statistics from scoresheets, much more than half of the potential rallies end when the serve is not passed well enough to allow a setter to set and a hitter to hit. Which impacts not only the team on offense, but also the team trying to develop its defense.

Case in point – at a 14U boys tournament this past weekend our opponents in the first two matches passed so poorly that they only got a handful of points. That match, the way it was structured, did them no good for player development and it did our team no good.  I don’t think anyone felt good about the outcome afterwards, from a development point of view.

Thus, following in the footsteps of many other countries who perform better internationally than us, we are modifying the structure of the game (but not the rules) to promote better development of our athletes. Some countries have coaches serve at this age, to promote rallies. Some let players serve but disallow overhand serves. Others use a game with fewer players.  Leveraging work done by Alberta Volleyball we are introducing Triple Ball this year in 13U Girls and 14U Boys to better promote the development of fundamental skills.

As a parent of a 14U athlete that will play Triple Ball, I realize that they may consider this ‘beneath them’. Believe me, I hear about it.  Yet when I watch them play I see a very low percentage of good enough passes to allow their setter to exercise their offense, and therefore teach the athletes the fundamental skills we want them to learn. Even the best 14U boys teams in the province this past weekend did not pass well enough to run most of their plays ‘in system’.  They just tried to get the ball up so someone could get it back across the net.

The current structure at that age level is not a scenario that maximizes our athletes’ development.  The intent of Triple Ball is that:

  • Players learn proper, fundamental passing skills.
  • The ball is passed well enough that teams can play “three-hit volleyball”, which requires a passer to pass sufficiently well, a setter to set, and a hitter to hit. Everyone learns.
  • Rallies are promoted, so everyone gets more touches on the ball.
  • The defense defending against this attack is developed as equally as the team that develops its offense.  If the attacking team cannot hit, the defending team cannot learn to defend.

If the initial ball is not passed well enough then everyone suffers – the setter cannot develop setting skills, the hitters cannot hit, and the defense cannot learn blocking, positioning and digging skills.  The Triple-Ball tournaments will benefit all teams, whether they feel they can pass or not.

To help players and parents understand the modified game, the OVA has produced a Triple-Ball video with the assistance of the Ryerson University womens team.

Larry Skelly