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16u Red Girls Bring Home Bronze!

Posted in 2010-2011, 2011 Girls 16U Red on February 18, 2011 by laurenwhite7

January 29th, 2011.  For this 16U tournament the girls were off to Sutton. The first match of the day was against Stingrays Whip. The girls came out strong winning two straight sets 25-16 and 25-11. Up next was Interclub Blue. The girls took an early lead with Adalia Yang serving strong with 14 consecutive points, the girls took the game in two sets winning 25-9 and 25-16. These two wins placed the girls first in their pool giving them a bye to the quarter finals. In the quarter final match the girls were up against Peterborough Thunder. Having played Peterborough multiple times before throughout the season the girls knew they would have to work hard to earn a victory against them to move on to the semis. The girls prevailed in a tough three set battle coming out strong winning the first game 25-18, but losing a close set 27-25 they knew they would have to focus and work hard to win the third set and came out victorious winning 15-8. In the semis the girls played against Eclipse (15U). The girls were prepared for a fight, winning the first set 25-22, but losing the next two 14-25 and 10-15 respectively, dropped the girls to the bronze medal match where they faced another 15U team Storm Ice. This match up was quite one sided, as the team prevailed in 2 sets 25-16, 25-20 to win a hard earned bronze medal.


DA Girls 16U Red Win GOLD!

Posted in 2010-2011, 2011 Girls 16U Red on November 29, 2010 by laurenwhite7

November 27th, 2010. Durham Attack Red traveled to Kingston to play at their first 16U OVA tournament. They played a significant amount of games that day with heart, strength and perseverance.  They played the Ravens and the Breakers in pool play and beat both teams, coming first in their pool.  And then was off to play the Grizzlies in quarter-finals and also took 2 sets there. In semi-finals, Attack faced Ottawa Fusion and they put in every part of their heart into the game so they could advance to the finals. Both teams won one set, but scores were very close.  Attack found their way into victory and came out with an exceptional win. In the finals, they faced Maverick Trailblazers which was a very exciting and intense game to watch. All the girls gave everything they had to not let the ball fall on their side. Attack won the first set, then Mavericks came back in the second set to 25-23. It was up to how much the girls wanted to win.  They despised their loss in the second set and did everything in their power to win the victorious gold. Attack took the lead in the third set with smart serving, powerful hits and amazing defence. Nothing affected their minds. The only thing they wanted to do was to win gold because silver just wasn’t enough for them. With each and every member’s passion for the game, Attack Red fought through it and finished the game 15-7.

Though they had a victorious win, one member did not make it to the tournament, Rachel Poole, and also her mother due to a car accident where they received several severe injuries. The girls heard this right after their win and were very shocked by this sudden news. Rachel Poole is one of the nicest, strongest, and bravest girls on the team. Everyone on Attack Red is not only a team, but is a family. Though this news brought tears to all the girls and parents, the girls declared that they won gold for Rachel. The girls know that her and her mom will make a full recovery, so through the process of it, they will practice hard all 3 nights of their training, every week, for them. Rachel Poole, know that you and your mother are always in our thoughts and prayers, feel better soon!

-Adalia Yang

Believe in our teams’ passion for the game!

Posted in 2010-2011, 2011 Girls 16U Red, Madawaska Teambuilding on September 24, 2010 by DurhamAttack

When we arrived at Madawaska for the weekend most of the girls on our team knew just a few of our fellow players, but that didn’t last long.
Having to write down on bristol board, what teamwork meant to us, made us see the different views we have on the subject. While they were different, they were so much the same as well: perseverance, determination, support, unity, friendship were some of the words we had in common. All of us agreed to every word suggested. The next day we tested our new found friendships in many ways. We started off the day trying something new together: sitting volleyball with the National Sitting Volleyball Team. It was surprising how different the sport was from ours, we thought it was going to be so similar but it wasn’t.
Next, we learned to depend one another as we climbed the rock wall. This really exercised our trust as held our teammates by a rope, and with a little luck no one was dropped. Next was one of the hardest challenges.  It was the Firecracker. Only a few boys made it to the top, but one of our own persevered and made it to the top. We then had to use our communication skills to achieve the goal and sometimes, without talking, our leaders said we came up with  very ”unique” ways to accomplish the task.

After failing a few things, for example, the massive teeter-totter, we collectively came up with a plan that lasted 28 seconds. You had to be there, but it was fun!
The last session of the day we did the Inuit Blanket. Everyone stepped into the circle of trust and loved it. Some of us were sceptical at first, but as a team we showed them it was okay.
We put to the test, all of the new skills we learned in the marathon against the 17u and 18u teams. Although we didn’t get off to a great start, we eventually pulled through and tied the 18u teams for first place. That was a fabulous way to end the weekend.
We came out of the weekend with not only new experiences but new teammates and friends as well. As if that wasn’t good enough we came out with our motto for the year “Believe in our teams’ passion for the game! Dwell not on the past, have faith in the future.  Trust in our unit of support, communication is key on the court!  With determination and commitment during practice, we persevere through our game!”  These words are our own. These are our words to live by, if not only for the year but for the rest of our lives.

Julia Parrot
Girls 16u Red