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Madawaska Weekend 2

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14u boys settled in their cabin. Tanks for he pic Troy!


Volleyball From A Different Perspective

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On our team-building weekend up at Madawaska, the Durham Attack 16U-18U teams got an amazing opportunity. Our 16u boys and girls teams played volleyball with the Canadian National Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team.  It was an educational and unforgettable experience to play a game with such outstanding athletes.  The National Team coaches and players were very encouraging and friendly.  We really appreciated the time they took to explain the game to us, and we learned a lot during the game they played with us.


Sitting volleyball is a discipline of volleyball that is played while sitting on the floor.  The court measures 10m x 6m.  The net height is lower than that of standing volleyball; it is set at a height of 1.15m for men, and 1.05m for women.  The players use the same set of rules as the game we are all familiar with, but with a few minor changes.  Sitting volleyball is for athletes with a physical disability. Competitors can include athletes with cerebral palsy, athletes who are amputees, athletes with limb paralysis, athletes with joint restrictions, athletes with shortened limbs, and athletes with progressive illnesses such as muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis.  (

Sitting volleyball was MUCH harder than we expected, and much more strenuous as well. 

At camp, we also had the opportunity to rock climb, run a huge obstacle course, and do an “Inuit Blanket.” The Inuit Blanket was a huge success. Everyone had so much fun getting launched up into the air, and some even went blindfolded!  Crazy.

Every single player on our 16U boys team had an awesome time, and learned a lot about what being a team is really about.  We would all enjoy participating in more team-building activities next year.  After just one weekend, our teams have come together like none other, and this year Durham Attack is going to be an even stronger force, so watch out Canada!  Our athletes are ready to compete.

Wells Hick and Kyle O’Neill

Final Madawaska Weekend Photos

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Oct 3, 2010.  Busy week, but here finally are the photos from last weekend, Sept 24th-26th for our 13u to 16u teams.

Madawaska 13u-16u Photos

About the Weekend

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Going to Madawaska with Durham Attack was an amazing experience.  It was one of the best times I’ve ever had with my teammates!  I got to know all of them a lot better, especially the newcomers to the team. 

A key thing for getting to know your teammates is trust. Our team definitely built that trust throughout the weekend, especially when we were doing the low ropes course.  The team worked very well together and nothing could stop us from reaching our goal.  Every one of the players participated in the trust fall activity which is huge because for most people it is usually a scary thing to do. 

Of all the activities we did, the highlight of the weekend for me was playing sitting volleyball.  It was amazing to see how athletic some of the girls  were with their disability.  I think people should be more informed of how amazing those athletes are.

Alexander Elliot
Boys 18U Black

Believe in our teams’ passion for the game!

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When we arrived at Madawaska for the weekend most of the girls on our team knew just a few of our fellow players, but that didn’t last long.
Having to write down on bristol board, what teamwork meant to us, made us see the different views we have on the subject. While they were different, they were so much the same as well: perseverance, determination, support, unity, friendship were some of the words we had in common. All of us agreed to every word suggested. The next day we tested our new found friendships in many ways. We started off the day trying something new together: sitting volleyball with the National Sitting Volleyball Team. It was surprising how different the sport was from ours, we thought it was going to be so similar but it wasn’t.
Next, we learned to depend one another as we climbed the rock wall. This really exercised our trust as held our teammates by a rope, and with a little luck no one was dropped. Next was one of the hardest challenges.  It was the Firecracker. Only a few boys made it to the top, but one of our own persevered and made it to the top. We then had to use our communication skills to achieve the goal and sometimes, without talking, our leaders said we came up with  very ”unique” ways to accomplish the task.

After failing a few things, for example, the massive teeter-totter, we collectively came up with a plan that lasted 28 seconds. You had to be there, but it was fun!
The last session of the day we did the Inuit Blanket. Everyone stepped into the circle of trust and loved it. Some of us were sceptical at first, but as a team we showed them it was okay.
We put to the test, all of the new skills we learned in the marathon against the 17u and 18u teams. Although we didn’t get off to a great start, we eventually pulled through and tied the 18u teams for first place. That was a fabulous way to end the weekend.
We came out of the weekend with not only new experiences but new teammates and friends as well. As if that wasn’t good enough we came out with our motto for the year “Believe in our teams’ passion for the game! Dwell not on the past, have faith in the future.  Trust in our unit of support, communication is key on the court!  With determination and commitment during practice, we persevere through our game!”  These words are our own. These are our words to live by, if not only for the year but for the rest of our lives.

Julia Parrot
Girls 16u Red

And The Survey Says…

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 After our coaches retreat at Madawaska in September 2009 we were convinced it was a great thing that we wanted all of our athletes to experience.  We surveyed our 16-18u athletes after this past weekend.  And we’re happy to say that they were as thrilled as we were!

We have heard back from nearly half our athletes.  Here is a summary of the survey results.

What did you enjoy the most?

There are some common themes here. 
“The entire weekend was great, but the Low Ropes Course and the Inuit Blanket were best as you truly relied on your team/family.”
“I enjoyed the marathon challenge the most because it allowed every person to be involved at all times in a fun but competitive setting. It also included various sports and activities which exposed everyone to sports other than volleyball.”
“I enjoyed playing the National Sitting Volleyball Team.  It was really fun to play them, and its not as easy as it looks!”
“I liked doing the posters and mission statements as it allowed us to work together as a team in a setting outside the volleyball court. It also gave us something to do after we were told to go back to our cabins for the night.”
“At night when you can just chill in your cabin and talk with your friends/teamates, and just be able to do whatever with your team.”

How could we improve the weekend?

There were only two answers, really. 
#1 answer was “more time there, every moment was great!”.  Our kids enjoyed it so much that they wanted to stay longer. 
#2 answer was to “somehow find a way to make the cabins warmer”.  Voila, we have a heat wave for our final weekend.
And a couple of requests for more campfires and a guitarist.  Which is a great idea but hard to fit in because each team has in-cabin homework at 9:00 pm Saturday night – building a mission statement.

Finally, we asked the parents, did the weekend provide good value?

Every single response was “Yes”.
“Would do it again in a heatbeat.  My daughter still hasn’t stopped talking about it”
“Yes, My son had a great time.  He also got to meet and interact with his new team.”
“Absolutely.  Fantastic experience, the girls had a blast.”

Lookout Madawaska, we have another 120 athletes coming this weekend.  Along with members of our National Sitting Team who really enjoyed the past weekend and want to work with us again.

Madawaska 16-18u Photos

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Photos from our Sept 17-19th weekend for 16-18u teams.

Photo Gallery