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Sport Doesn’t Care Who You Are

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What a fantastic and motivating video!


Volleyball Items for Sale

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Durham Attack Sliders Go Provincial with Sitting Volleyball!

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Durham Attack Volleyball Club has had teams from 12U to 18U participating in competitions across North America for 20 years.  When the idea to enter a Sitting Volleyball team in a demonstration at the Ontario Volleyball Association Championships was proposed, the club jumped at the chance.

Sitting Volleyball is a Paralympic sport that started after the second world war as a rehabilitation activity for injured soldiers and has grown into a highly competitive team sport for both men and women.

Details on rules for the sport and classification can be found at:

Durham Attack’s involvement with the sitting game started a few years ago when the club hosted Canada’s National Women’s Team for a weekend training camp at Camp Madawaska.  On the same weekend the club was running their September orientation camp for the u16 to u18 teams.  The clubs able-bodied athletes were introduced to an exciting Paralympic sport and had the chance to play with and learn from the National Team players.

Involvement with Parasport continued through the winter as DA held sitting volleyball drop-in sessions that were open to the public as well as club athletes.  The weekly drop-in has evolved into an opportunity for local athletes with a disability to train with skilled volleyball players, allowing the para-athletes to continue to develop and keep their game sharp. In the Spring of 2011, with support from The First Contact fund of the Canadian Paralympic Committee, the idea of introducing the membership of the Ontario Volleyball Association to the sitting game was born.  Durham Attack and Ontario Volleyball Association were both successful in receiving a grant and it has allowed each organization to ensure programming is accessible for all Ontarians.

In  autumn of 2011 Durham Attack used part of their CPC grant to send two club coaches to men’s and women’s national sitting team training camps in Edmonton and Calgary.  There they participated as assistant coaches for the weekend long camps and gained valuable knowledge and experience to bring home to the club.  The weekly drop-in sessions continued as before with club volleyball players sitting down to train with parasport athletes, however now they had coaches with sitting volleyball experience and a new goal.

The Ontario Volleyball Association, along with Durham Attack and Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Clubs, organized and hosted a demonstration match at the Ontario Championships at RIM Park in Waterloo. The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club, who have spearheaded their own sitting volleyball programming, arranged for a team to compete against Durham Attack for the ‘very unofficial’ Ontario Sitting Volleyball Championship.  DA’s team, The Sliders, was a fully integrated group, selected from the u14 boys, u14 girls and the athletes with a disability that were regulars at the weekly drop-in sessions.  The Fusion team was their u15 boys team that was also competing in the able-bodied provincial championship the same weekend.

Match day at RIM park was a busy affair, as should be expected with games on 30 courts in one facility.  The sitting volleyball court was set up near the main entrance directly in front of the upper gallery viewing area for maximum exposure.  The friendly spirit of the event came out early as some of the DA players went over to the Fusion side of the court to help them run a few warm up drills.  A quick review of the rules with some of the OVA officials who were standing nearby and even they wanted to try their hand at ‘whistling’ the match.

A fun filled, enthusiastic match ensued with hundreds of spectators in awe of the skill and physical demands of this high speed, precision Paralympic sport.  The eventual winners of the match were Ottawa Fusion.  Durham Attack, never a club to accept defeat lightly, is already planning their program for next season.  Keep an eye on the DA web site;  for details if you are interested in participating as a player, coach volunteer or supporter, all are welcome.

For more information on Ontario Volleyball’s Sitting Volleyball program and resources, please visit

Nationals Success for Durham Attack’s 17U Girls’ Team

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On May 20-22, at the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, our Durham Attack 17U Girls’ Team finished an already incredible season with a GOLD medal win in DIVISION 1, TIER 1.

Our girls had an amazing three days, placing first in their pool on both the first and second day of the tournament.  On the third day, they went straight into their Quarter Finals against South County Bandits.  Although, there was no doubt that they would get through this match, there is always that fear that this is where it can all end.  After having come so far this season, this is not how we wanted it to end.  The girls had worked so hard and deserved much, much more.

Durham Attack 17U Girls’ Team did make it through their quarters, however, and were next to play the intimidating Diamonds.  Our girls played the best they had played all weekend and beat the Diamonds in two straight games.  This is when it really started to feel that a Nationals win was definitely within reach.

The final match for the GOLD medal was against Lakeside, the team that we beat at Provincials for the Ontario title.  So again, the girls knew this wasn’t going to be easy.  They certainly made it look easy though, dominating the court, and going on to beat Lakeside in two straight game (25-16 and 25-17), winning the GOLD medal and the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

The 2011-12 season has been a series of successes for this amazing group of young women.  Led by Coaches Kevin Hellyer and Mike Slean, the success of this team was evident from the start when they medaled in their first tournament back on November 26.  Our girls continued to impress us with their hard work and determination over the course of the season, which resulted in many more medals in both the 17U and 18U Tier 1 Divisions.  They medaled in seven of their eight tournaments, brought home a GOLD medal from the 17U PROVINCIALS, placed fourth at the 18U PROVINCIALS and now a GOLD medal win at NATIONALS – BEST IN CANADA!

Our girls were dedicated to making this a successful team and demonstrated this by attending just about every practice, as well as committing to their personal training every Sunday.  Their coaches may have seemed a little tough on them at times, but it certainly has paid off.  “Persevere.  Fight for what you want.  The best things don’t come easily and always believe in yourself.” (Coach Kevin Hellyer)

Thank you and congratulations to the Coaches Kevin Hellyer and Mike Slean, and to the Durham Attack 17U Girls’ Team for making Durham Attack and Canada proud!

2011-2012 15U Boys – The Last Chapter

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15U National Championships – May 17 to May 19, 2012

What an experience for those athletes, coaches and parents who haven’t been involved in such a championship setting before. Having the entire country in one location instead of the previous east/west split was magnificent. The Direct Energy Centre in Toronto was a perfect venue, easily dealing with over 10,000 participants on 800 teams, spread out over 54 courts over a six day period.

It was a very interesting tournament, as our boys competed against teams from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. They made a good go of it, winning 5 of the 7 games they played. Unfortunately, the two they did drop were deciding games. But this is entering into “what if…?” territory and we don’t want to go there. Let’s just say “if not for a few unfortunate turns, the outcome might have been entirely different.”

The Durham Attack 15U boys, while not exactly having a fairy tale ending to their season, unless your idea of a good fairy tale is from the brothers Grimm, had a commendable showing. And while disappointment at the eventual outcome cannot be dismissed, the boys should be as proud of their accomplishments this season as their parents and coaches are.

To teammates Jared Harris, Connor Forest, John Deacon, Tyler Paxton, Riley Dyment, Alex Hatzinikou, Tristan Swinden, Jonathon Orrett, Matthew Van Camp and Bradley Whitlock; on behalf of your parents and supporters, thank you for a very entertaining and accomplished season. When you sum it up, two gold three bronze medal performances in regular tournament play, culminating in two Provincial silver medals, 15U and 16u, says a lot about the calibre of this year’s 15U team. And of course none of this would have been possible without the commitment of the coaching staff: Mike and Steve Bossence and Adam Martin.

And writing of commitment, I would be remiss if I were not to acknowledge the efforts of our many parent volunteers who helped in so many ways to ensure the success of this season.

So congratulations boys! Your progress and development as individuals and as a team throughout the year bodes well for your future endeavours, both on, and off, the volleyball court.

15U’s 16U Provincial Silver

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16U Boy’s Provincial Championship

April 21-23, 2012

Another weekend in Waterloo! But what a difference a week can make. The story of this weekend’s action? Somewhat of a reversal of last weekend’s. After a very strong 1st set against Pegasus, winning 25-9, suggesting a repeat of last week’s dominating play, the DA boys found themselves struggling in the 2nd set. Even with strong hitting and effective serving, it appeared to be quite the effort to hold on to the lead, yet the team kept their cool and managed a 25-22 victory.

The Mavericks applied pressure in game 2, causing some focus issues and making our fellows work extremely hard for each point. It was a very exciting game to watch as both teams went point for point right up to the end. A couple of well timed, and placed, serves brought DA the 26-24 winning points. Some no doubt strong words from the coaching staff between sets brought back the team’s focus and their level of play in the 2nd set showed why they deserved to be at this tournament. Some skillful digging, accompanied by continued strong serving and passing kept the initial lead in Durham’s favour, and they pushed on to a 25-19 win.

The 3rd game of day 1 found 15U Durham Attack up against 16U Durham Attack. The 1st set gave the appearance of two closely matched squads duking it out. It was a veritable see-saw battle, with hard hitting offenses coming up against solid defenses. Maintaining their concentration after getting up a couple of points, the 15U boys hung on for a 25-22 outcome.

Set 2 had a different story line, with both teams making changes to their starting lineup. DA 16U found their chemistry before 15U, took control and dealt the junior squad a crushing 15-25 loss. Not taking that drubbing lying down, the 15u boys came back fighting in the 3rd set, challenging for every point and pushing the 16Us on every play. It was either team’s game for the taking, and unfortunately for the 15Us, it was taken 16-18 by the 16U team. Still, 2nd in their pool! Not a bad day’s work.

On day 2, the boy’s get up and go; kind of got up and went. After a 1st set that did see some of their fighting spirit challenge Niagara Rapids, DA eventually lost 18-25. In the 2nd set they were visibly shaken, couldn’t find that needed edge, and went down to defeat 17-25. Game 2 was against Pakmen 16U and while the lads gave it a good try, they were outplayed and lost 14-25 & 14-25, as Pakmen used their experience to capitalize on every Durham Attack misplay.

Again, not to be written off, the fellas came back in the next game, putting points together by playing with renewed focus and determination. The 1st set against the Titans was a very entertaining affair, with exciting rallies and excellent play making by both sides. A close game from start to finish, DA took the win, 25-22. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the 2nd set, as Durham once again misplaced their focus and went down to a 15-25 defeat. Bouncing back in the 3rd set, DA put on a good show of digging, blocking and more fine serving. Sorry to say it was too little, too late, and with the 13-15 loss, they fell out of Tier 1 competition.

So day 3 dawned with the sobering knowledge that the team’s play would have to locate that missing ingredient if they were to contest for a Tier 2 medal.

The first game of the day, against the Ballhawks, was not an inspirational display, to say the least. Although they won both sets, 25-22 & 27-25, these were not games on which legends are built. While the level of play did pick up in the semi-final vs Stingers 16U, again focus was lacking and DA just managed to stay ahead in points after taking early leads in both sets. Final scores : 25-23 & 25-22. The wins did put the boys into the gold medal game against the Guelph Grizzles.

Thankfully, we of the viewing audience were given a renewed display of just how well this team can play when all cylinders are firing. They were setting, hitting, blocking and serving in a very skilled performance and it showed in the 1st set final score of 25-17.

Now, when all cylinders are not firing, the outcome is quite different, as we all experienced as we watched the Grizzlies take control, and the set, 14-25.

The tiebreaking set saw Durham trailing from the beginning and try as they might, and they did try, on this day they just could not overcome the obstacles they put in front of themselves. With a final score of 13-15, Guelph took the Tier 2 Gold medal, and for the second week running, Durham Attack 15U got to go home with the Silver medal.

When you think about the number of teams they had to face, and the number of challenges they had to overcome, just to get to that final game, Silver cannot be considered a defeat.

One more story remains….the National Campionships.

Durham Attack U16 Black Girls takes silver at provincials

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April 1st,2012 WATERLOO — The successful season of the Durham Attack U16 Black girls’ volleyball team continued into the provincial championships in Waterloo, where the team took home the silver medal.

Starting their season in the lower-ranked Trillium division, the girls slowly worked their way up to the top Premier division by winning gold in the Trillium division and a silver medal at the championship east level. Their winning ways continued in the more competitive Premier division. The team finished first in the division and fifth among the top 74 teams in the province. During the provincial weekend at RIM park in Waterloo, the girls won five games and lost one to play against the eighth-place Kitchener-Waterloo Predators. The home team wouldn’t go down without a fight, but the Attack won both games of the match, including an extra point bout with a score of 30-28. In the quarter-finals, the Attack played the Ottawa Mavericks and in the semis they played against Eclipse West, both matches taking the extra game before the Attack prevailed. Coach Evan Williams was proud of what the girls had accomplished to that point, but knew the finals weren’t going to be easy. “This is a great accomplishment for a group of girls who have only been together for one season, with the majority of them having never played in Tier 1 before,” Williams said. “The coaching staff is extremely proud of the team for how hard they have worked this season and what they have been able to accomplish. Even though we are pleased with the result, there is a feeling of unfinished business in the air.” The girls went on to play Eclipse East, a Pickering team, and lost two sets to none, but still walked home with the silver medal. The team members include Renee Atkinson, Kiana de la Cruz, Jayden Duquesne Kennedy, Soranne Floarea, Mollie Gearin, Jessie Hilton, Dana Marlatt, Sarah Remedios, Megan Romain, Sydney Schurman, Jazmin Shannon and Taija Thomas. Williams is assisted by Kelly Verboom and Lauren VanQuickenbourne