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15U Black in Washington

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Day One

To start their tournament in Washington the girls faced a competitive team from New Jersey. They had a slow start, trailing 7-1. It wasn’t long however before they caught up and surpassed their opponent winning the game 25-17. The girls continued to work hard but lost the second set 29-27. They did not allow the loss to dampen their spirits, rallying together to win the third set 15-9. Overall a good start to the day.
The girls continued to play well throughout the first day coming second in their pool. This placed the team in tier one for day two.

Day Two

A great deal of excitement came along both on and off the court on day two. As the girls entered the playing area all that could been seen was a sea of pink Jerseys on 68 courts, in dedication to breast cancer awareness.
The girls had a fantastic day of volleyball challenging all of their competition. They played confidently and pulled together as a team at many points throughout the day. In the end they placed third, (would have been second according to Canadian rules) moving them into the silver division for day three.
Our day didn’t end there however! Thanks to the heroic driving by Ted and Curtis, the girls along with Chris Williamson, made their way to The Lincoln Memorial. It was here that they took some fun team shots (with a little help from strangers, including some security guards).

Day Three

Day three allowed for some extra sleep time, shopping and DC Cupcakes before hitting the court. With the games running behind, the girls waited anxiously for their turn to play their semi final game. Finally on the court and ready to go they quickly took a two nothing lead. It looked as though it would be an easy win. Unfortunately this was not to be the case. The other team settled in and not only caught up but took a commanding ten point lead. The girls dug deep and worked hard to come back, once again catching up. They ended up losing the first game but were determined to win the next one, and they did. The third game was tight with multiple points that seemed like the ball would never hit the floor on either side. In the end, the girls came up short but should be very proud of the level at which they played. The eventual silver medalist in tier one, were a team the girls took to three games and lost to by only a couple of points. It was a tremendous experience for everyone involved. Congratulations girls!!

{15U Girls’ Washington photos to be posted soon}


Just the Beginning

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15U Girl’s Black – Feb 2nd, 2013

It has been a busy season for the girls so far this year. They have been working hard to learn new positions, new strategies and how to combine two championship teams from the 2011/2012 season.

Although they have had some success in their own 15U division, the girl’s have seen even greater success when competing in 16U . With one gold, and two silvers ( a hard loss in game three in Ottawa, 17-15, preventing them from moving up to 16U Premier) they continue to work together as a team.

February brings four tournaments one including a trip to Washington. We look forward to seeing much growth over the next few months as they prepare for East Nationals in Sherbrooke and West Nationals in Regina. We’ll keep you posted!

Girls 15U Black

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Emily Armstrong, Emma Armstrong, Danielle Baker, Julia Balatbat, Veronica DeYoung,  Giselle Edwards, Teagan Handley, Lilianna Hariasz, Taylor Pinkowski, Amanda Schnur, Kiara Shannon, Tristyn Smith.


Chris Williamson, Scott Handley


Photo Gallery


The Plastic Bag Princesses – and Other Mad Camp Photos

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All of the team photos are here…¬†thanks to Sharon Forgie!