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Durham Attack’s Sitting Volleyball Program

Posted in 2012-2013, Sitting Volleyball on October 6, 2012 by DurhamAttack

Once again Durham Attack Volleyball Club has stepped up to promote the exciting sport of Sitting Volleyball.  Last month DA had two National Sitting Volleyball team members join their 13U, 14U and 15U Boys and Girls at their annual teambuilding weekend at Madawaska volleyball camp. A little bit of rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of the 140 young Attack athletes as they learned about a form of their game that was started after the Second World War as a tool to help rehabilitate injured soldiers. For most of the participants it was their first chance to meet and play with a National Team athlete while learning a whole new form of volleyball.

Each team was able to get some instruction from National Team members, Jason and Jamoi, before trying to execute some passing, hitting and serving drills. Half an hour of game play followed as the club players quickly caught on to the intricacies of the sitting game and were eager to take on all comers.

As a Club we are committed to providing an opportunity to all who want to play volleyball, regardless of experience and ability, via our rep, recreational house league, and sitting volleyball programs.

Durham Attack will once again be hosting a Friday night Sitting Vvolleyball drop in, this year at Fairport Beach P.S. in Pickering from 6 to 8 pm starting October 12th. This is an open evening where all ages can come out to practice and play sitting volleyball with experienced coaches and you never know when one of the national team members will be on the court.

The game is simple, it’s volleyball, with a few small modifications: The court is smaller, 10 m baseline to baseline and 6 m wide; net height is 1.15 m for men and 1.05 m for women; blocking the serve is allowed; servers’ legs can be in the court however their buttocks must be behind the base line; when touching the ball a portion of the player’s torso must be touching the floor – the ‘one cheek’ on the floor rule. All the other rules of the game apply to what is always a fast paced and fun form of volleyball that is spreading quickly across the Pan American zone.

Canada’s national teams are still in search of their first Paralympic Games qualification so the National Team players based here in Ontario are eager to take advantage of any opportunity to play the game with experienced volleyball hands. Club events like the one hosted by DA provide a training and teaching forum that spreads the word about the Sitting game. If your club is interested in getting involved in OVA’s fast developing Sitting Volleyball program contact Nicole Larochelle at


DA Athletes Named to Team Canada / Canadian Paralympic Association Continues Support

Posted in Sitting Volleyball on September 2, 2012 by DurhamAttack

We have again been recognized by the Canadian Paralympic Association as a key First Contact organization and have received a second grant instalment of $5,000 for our Sitting Volleyball program.  We’re proud to be a pioneer in providing this program to the volleyball community and already three of our participants have made the National Team.

If you don’t think that this program is making a difference for our athletes…

Durham Attack has supported me through multiple steps of my journey. The first, and maybe the most important, is the initial one.  DA gave me an avenue for rehabilitation, physically and socially just after I acquired my disability. Through them I learned to play and love Sitting Volleyball. It gave me a chance to improve my skills which led me to being selected to represent Canada in international competition as a member of the National Team.

Jason Naval – Team Canada Sitting Volleyball

Playing Sitting Volleyball has, in the past,  been rated by our athletes as one of the most profound experiences of their season.   Please come out and participate in our program – everyone is welcome.

For a peak at Provincials check out this video.

Durham Attack Sliders Go Provincial with Sitting Volleyball!

Posted in 2011-2012, Sitting Volleyball, Sitting Volleyball on June 15, 2012 by DurhamAttack

Durham Attack Volleyball Club has had teams from 12U to 18U participating in competitions across North America for 20 years.  When the idea to enter a Sitting Volleyball team in a demonstration at the Ontario Volleyball Association Championships was proposed, the club jumped at the chance.

Sitting Volleyball is a Paralympic sport that started after the second world war as a rehabilitation activity for injured soldiers and has grown into a highly competitive team sport for both men and women.

Details on rules for the sport and classification can be found at:

Durham Attack’s involvement with the sitting game started a few years ago when the club hosted Canada’s National Women’s Team for a weekend training camp at Camp Madawaska.  On the same weekend the club was running their September orientation camp for the u16 to u18 teams.  The clubs able-bodied athletes were introduced to an exciting Paralympic sport and had the chance to play with and learn from the National Team players.

Involvement with Parasport continued through the winter as DA held sitting volleyball drop-in sessions that were open to the public as well as club athletes.  The weekly drop-in has evolved into an opportunity for local athletes with a disability to train with skilled volleyball players, allowing the para-athletes to continue to develop and keep their game sharp. In the Spring of 2011, with support from The First Contact fund of the Canadian Paralympic Committee, the idea of introducing the membership of the Ontario Volleyball Association to the sitting game was born.  Durham Attack and Ontario Volleyball Association were both successful in receiving a grant and it has allowed each organization to ensure programming is accessible for all Ontarians.

In  autumn of 2011 Durham Attack used part of their CPC grant to send two club coaches to men’s and women’s national sitting team training camps in Edmonton and Calgary.  There they participated as assistant coaches for the weekend long camps and gained valuable knowledge and experience to bring home to the club.  The weekly drop-in sessions continued as before with club volleyball players sitting down to train with parasport athletes, however now they had coaches with sitting volleyball experience and a new goal.

The Ontario Volleyball Association, along with Durham Attack and Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Clubs, organized and hosted a demonstration match at the Ontario Championships at RIM Park in Waterloo. The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club, who have spearheaded their own sitting volleyball programming, arranged for a team to compete against Durham Attack for the ‘very unofficial’ Ontario Sitting Volleyball Championship.  DA’s team, The Sliders, was a fully integrated group, selected from the u14 boys, u14 girls and the athletes with a disability that were regulars at the weekly drop-in sessions.  The Fusion team was their u15 boys team that was also competing in the able-bodied provincial championship the same weekend.

Match day at RIM park was a busy affair, as should be expected with games on 30 courts in one facility.  The sitting volleyball court was set up near the main entrance directly in front of the upper gallery viewing area for maximum exposure.  The friendly spirit of the event came out early as some of the DA players went over to the Fusion side of the court to help them run a few warm up drills.  A quick review of the rules with some of the OVA officials who were standing nearby and even they wanted to try their hand at ‘whistling’ the match.

A fun filled, enthusiastic match ensued with hundreds of spectators in awe of the skill and physical demands of this high speed, precision Paralympic sport.  The eventual winners of the match were Ottawa Fusion.  Durham Attack, never a club to accept defeat lightly, is already planning their program for next season.  Keep an eye on the DA web site;  for details if you are interested in participating as a player, coach volunteer or supporter, all are welcome.

For more information on Ontario Volleyball’s Sitting Volleyball program and resources, please visit

Durham Attack Awarded $10,000 Grant to Take Sitting Volleyball To The Next Level

Posted in 2010-2011, Sitting Volleyball on June 20, 2011 by DurhamAttack

We are proud to announce that due to the success of the Sitting Volleyball program that we pioneered in the 2010-2011 season, the Canadian Paralympic Committee has awarded us with a $10,ooo First Contact Funding grant to help us take our program to the next level within Durham and the GTA.

To do this we need your help.  We are looking for FOUR individuals who want to develop their expertise in coaching the sport of Sitting Volleyball and work as a team that delivers an expanded program for 2011-2012, culminating with the inaugural 2012 OVA Sitting Volleyball Championship.  We are looking for FOUR committed individuals (two male, two female), volleyball coaches or athletes, from within the Durham/GTA volleyball community, who want to help us take this program to the next level.

Please read the attached project description, and if you are interested respond to our Sitting Volleyball Program Director, Lawrence Flynn (, with an email describing why you want to be involved, and a volleyball resume.

The application deadline is July 8, 2011.

First Contact – Durham Attack Sitting Volleyball






Not For The Weak

Posted in 2010-2011, Sitting Volleyball on May 6, 2011 by DurhamAttack

At our Madawaska teambuilding camps for athletes this past Fall, our athletes, girls and guys, rated playing sitting volleyball with our National Team members as one of their most profound experiences.  We got our fledgling Sitting Volleyball program off the ground this season, and with support from the Canadian Paralympic Association have some lofty goals for next season.

Here is a nice article out of the U.S., from VolleyballMag, who has approached us about writing a feature article about volleyball in Canada.

Not For The Weak